Senior Software Engineer

San Francisco, CA
OpenAI has a number of open roles for software engineers. These roles do not require machine learning background, though you should be interested in the field. Example teams include:* Robotics team: build the robotics platform we use for machine learning. Robots usually ship with ROS, which we deconstruct in order to be able to pick and choose the pieces of the stack we want, with high performance requirements. Software engineering tasks range from building a REST API for robots-as-a-service to writing a performance regression suite to writing dashboards to monitor the robot.* Dota team: turn Dota into a research platform. Work ranges from turning the Dota process into an OpenAI Gym environment (including designing the relevant APIs, reverse engineering parts of the game, etc) to building a scoreboard for tracking agent performance to performance tuning our experiment code.* Safety team: design and create the tools to enable experiments where humans teach and interact with AI systems during training. Work ranges from frontend work (building websites and interfaces for human interaction with AI systems) that enables experiments with human feedback and AI safety via debate, to connecting these interfaces to large-scale ML training, to collecting the data to power larger language models. We look for a track record of the following:* Experience, designing, implementing, and running production services* Have built the wrong system enough times to avoid the common pitfalls, whether building something personally or advising others* Willingness to debug problems across the stack, such as networking issues, performance problems, or memory leaksYou might be a good fit if you:* Know your way around a Unix shell* Are self-directed and like figuring out the most important problem to work on* Own problems end-to-end, and are willing to pick up whatever knowledge you're missing to get the job done* Are detail oriented, and like to get the system working but know when to cut corners versus get it exactly rightIn this role, you will work on a team with machine learning experts towards a common goal.

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