Digital Analytics Specialist

New York, New York


As the Digital Analytics Specialist, you are responsible for building a digital data center of truth for Teach For America, and will play a vital role in ensuring analytical best practices across digital assets and marketing campaigns for the organization. This includes partnering with stakeholders from across many different lines of business to develop KPIs and data collection strategies in order to deliver reports and analyses that drive insights. The digital experience at Teach For America includes several different constituent audiences and utilizes different digital strategies for each one. In order to be an effective partner in this role, you must have deep curiosity and strong communication skills in order to develop a clear understanding of partner needs, often needing to identify the unspoken functional need behind a partner’s request. You must be able to skillfully build dashboards, reports, and perform robust analyses that provide clear insight into the prospect journey with reasoned next steps and recommendations. 


There are more than 16 million children growing up in poverty in the U.S., and less than 10 percent of them will graduate from college. These statistics are not a reflection of our children’s potential; we know that children growing up in poverty can and do achieve at the highest levels. Rather, these statistics reflect the systemic lack of access and opportunity for children in low-income communities. Teach For America’s (TFA) mission is to find, develop, and support a diverse network of leaders committed to expanding opportunity for children from classrooms, schools, and every sector and field that shapes the broader systems in which schools operate. We are seeking individuals who align with our mission, core values and commitment to Diversity Equity & Inclusiveness and are ready to join us in this global movement.

Learning HTML, CSS and JS is essential to become a web or a front-end developer.

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