is a movement to create the most socially active generation in history.

We fight for our members every single day.

We care deeply about activating millions of young people around the world to make impact in their communities.

We believe in young people.

We believe all young people have the agency to create social change, and we provide them with the guidance to make it happen.

We don’t hire just anybody.

We work hella hard and we move super fast. We want people who get excited to come to work at our dynamic office every day.

We genuinely stand behind who we are and what we do.

No faking it here. Everyone on our staff has their own “why” for coming to work every day. What will yours be?

We're looking for a seasoned engineer who enjoys architecting and has experience across the application stack. This position reports to the Director of Engineering.

What You’ll Do

Work with the team to reduce the complexity of our overall system by retiring or combining existing services, developing common libraries and APIs, utilizing strategies like Serverless when appropriate, and ensuring our data pipeline is consistent across applications/services. Advise and move our organization forward in utilizing best practices to ensure optimal availability, performance, and monitoring. Work with teams on capacity planning for our services.

Help define standards for service contracts, monitoring, performance, testing, and security. Periodically perform internal audits. Help with infrastructure management outside of our app dev teams’ purview and provide general support to developers when needed. Mentor other developers.

What You Should Have

5+ years in developing software with experience and knowledge of DevOps methodologies/philosophies. 5+ years working on teams of developers, with mentoring experience.


You’re productive in several programming languages (frontend & backend). You have experience maintaining services at scale. You can name some design patterns off the top of your head and can talk about when and where you’ve used them. You’ve built a RESTful API endpoint and fault-tolerant RESTful service integrations.

Infrastructure & systems:

You are comfortable with managing infrastructure and have experience with security best practices for both infrastructure and applications. This would not necessarily be your main focus here, but your experience and ability to contribute in this area will greatly increase your impact.

Communication & Collaboration:

You can communicate and collaborate within and outside of the engineering team—and you enjoy it! You’re a clear, careful writer, and you know how to adjust your language to fit the technical depth of the audience.


You’ve built or integrated into event-driven architectures. You know when a queue is a useful mechanism. You’ve designed for scale, and for non-serialized processing. You recognize and advocate for clean code and pragmatic architecture.

Open source:

You have a GitHub or Bitbucket profile, and may have some interesting things there. You know how to contribute in a modern VCS (say, Git with feature branching and pull requests).

Causiness (not a word):

You believe in and the power of young people. You want a great career in tech, and part of that means knowing that your work contributes to a greater good. You’re not satisfied with using your powers just to get more people to click on a button, or increase ad revenue.

Our Team is one of the world’s largest organizations for young people and social change. We have the stability of a 25-year-old institution, but we look, feel, and operate like a tech-forward startup. We are way more fun than wherever you’re working at right now.

We are a third product and engineering, out of about 60 staffers. We’re a diverse team, and know our diversity makes us better technologists. We’re collaborative, productive, and enthusiastic coders working with Node, React, PHP (Laravel), Python, MongoDB, and more.

How We Work

All of our code is open source on GitHub . Every PR is peer-reviewed. We deploy as often as we need to, mostly through Slack. We host in AWS and Heroku. We maintain quality with unit and functional testing, but we’re constantly trying to improve here. We monitor with New Relic, StatHat, Runscope, and Ghost Inspector. We're always looking for better ways to work, and end each sprint with a retrospective. We document our values and practices on GitHub.

Select Perks & Benefits:

3 weeks' vacation plus the week between Christmas and New Year’s (and Summer Fridays from Memorial Day to Labor Day -- office closes at 1:30), fun office environment, a spot on our summer kickball team, and occasional brownie bake-offs. Plus, you don’t have to come to work on your birthday. 100% medical and dental premiums covered. Yep, you read that right. Five (or six? We’re losing count.) different ways to make coffee. We also have tea, if that’s more your thing. DoSomething is an equal opportunity employer. Obviously.

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