You rolled your hump in a lot of territories and read between the lines... (of code obviously)

Your ease of learning and hard work gets you a lot of knowledge that you have the wisdom to share and improve. You do not fight against the framework, you embrace its advantages. You communicate positively in an egoless fashion. You appreciate the true benefit of a past refactorization, reminding what it implied. You blend into the masses when working on existing an organization's process & workflow.

Still here? You must be the perfect fit. Keep reading.

Job Brief

Think Peaks is currently looking for a Full-stack Developer to come up with new features for our solution, whatever on backend or frontend. As our Full-stack Developer, your chief goal will be to take part in sprint meetings and to endorse responsibility, as well as to coach some of your new colleagues.

To excel in this role, you must demonstrate in-depth knowledge of common software engineering practices (modern design patterns, code versioning , TDD/unit testing, code documentation,... ), you have a solid understanding of modern programming paradigms and must be an absolute polyglot in programming language.


  • Develop new features for our solution, whether backend or frontend
  • Write Unit Test & Doc for your awesome new features
  • Maintain the existing code base doing some bug fixes
  • Integrate with third party API using Oauth to sync data
  • Coordinate your development with other teams
  • Run tests... Fix tests
  • Commit \o/
  • Benchmarking the infrastructure
  • Improve, refactor, bring in new ideas...
  • Learn with colleagues, communicate, share, mentor, exchange
  • Be part of our small family


  • Degree in Engineering or Computer Science (high school or university)
  • Minimum 2 years of work experience
  • You master git branching workflows
  • You are able to work with technologies like Symfony, Doctrine, React, Redux, Drupal, EalsticSearch, NginX, Php-fpm, RabbitMQ, RxJS,...
  • You have experience in refactoring, migration, deployment techniques in production environment
  • You know HTTP protocol and RestFul api philosophy
  • Strong experience of Unix system administration & Terminal in complex production context (using configuration management solutions)
  • User centric, you are able to communicate with the customer
  • You understand the importance of unit testing
  • Able to work with agile methodology
  • Fluent in French and English


What we offer

  • Great professional experience to develop your talents & skills
  • Working for non-profit organization
  • Cutting edge technical stack in an fast growing company
  • Start-up spirit without rigid processes & long approval flows. Your input and that of your colleagues will drive the product and architecture vision
  • Comfy working environment in the nicest coworking spaces in Brussels
  • Super friendly colleagues to team up with and learn state of the art
  • Flexibility & life-work balance

What you get

  • Competitive salary package
  • Full time CDI, 5 days a week (in Brussels)
  • Meal vouchers
  • ecoVoucher
  • Smartphone + subscription
  • MacBook Pro + jetBrains IDE
  • Good work environment

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